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by angeline
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アイラ IN ZARD新曲「ハートに火をつけて」PV / ZARD's latest song's PV with Islay, on the internet


As mentioned in the previous message, Islay is in the promotion video of singer ZARD's latest song, "Heart ni hi wo tsukete", and I finally got to see it on the internet!

a0032004_1830755.jpgここをクリックしたら出ると思うのですが... 駄目なら、ここのサイトで、「ハートに火をつけて」を入力して検索してみてください。

Click Here to see it, and if it doesn't come, go to this site (click), and search with keyword " ハートに火をつけて " or " ZARD ". If you put "ZARD", there'll be many other videos of other songs too, so seach for the one with the photo of the singer, as in the CD cover photo in the previous message.

a0032004_18371667.jpg今回の撮影は、パーティーの全体像を撮っているといった感じで、とにかく人がいーっぱい(映っているエキストラプラス、もの凄い数のスタッフその他関係者ですから...)で、正直... あ!アイラの背中!あ!アイラの尻尾!って程度しか映らないかなーとも思ってました。最初にアイラの背中が出てきて、おー!やっぱり、アイラの背中~!って感じだ、ふふ♪

When we filmed this, there were so many people, not only the people seen in the screen, i.e. the guests at a garden party, but a whole lot of filming crew member and catering services, etc etc... so I really had no idea how much Islay would be seen. Thought it would be like, that's Islay's back! That's Islay's tail! And when I first saw the video, first of Islay I got to see, really was, Islay's back!


今回の撮影、何が大変だったかって... 完璧な遠隔。パーティー会場をひきで撮ったり、アップのとかはカメラマンが会場を練り歩いて撮影... なので、私は近くにいけず、それこそ室内でアイラが見えなかったり... さらにガヤガヤしてるし... 不安になって戻って来ようとするのを、あっち行ってねコマンドで、何度も会場に戻らせて、とにかく自分はカメラに映らないようにしながらアイラの動きをコントロール... ってのが大変でした。同じハーフでも... 白人との見栄えあるハーフだったら、紛れ込めたのにね?ガーデンパーティーに似合わないルックスだもんで..。

a0032004_18531636.jpgBut! Tho just a glance, there was a bit of a close-up of Islay too!

What was difficult during this filming, was the distance between Islay and me. They took the camera from the top, or the camera walked through the crowd, and I mustn't be seen, so I was mostly indoors, and used the "go-forward" command for Islay to get involved in the party and walk around. Furtheremore, with so much people and the noise... it sure was a good experience!

a0032004_18534985.jpgアイラの走っているシーン。これも、ちょっとスローモーションになっていてよかった!実際撮った時は... アイラの走るスピードですので、本当にアッ!!という間... さらりと2テイクで終わりだったので... カットされてるかも... って不安もありました。実際、この前にもっと長い間撮影していた、子供が飛び跳ねて遊んでいるシーンはカットされていて、カワイイ子役の女の子だったので、残念... かなり素敵なシーンだったんだけど... 編集で最終的にどうなるか分からないから、出来上がるまでドキドキ... ってのは... 関わっている誰にとっても一緒ですね。

There was the scene with Islay running too. Good thing they showed it in slow motion, coz when we did film it, with Islay's speed, it was really so short, and only 2 takes, over at once too! Good thing it wasn't cut, but actually they did take the scene of the girl jumping and playing, but it was cut... you really never know which scenes will be used, so you can never feel happy till you see the final video!

a0032004_1925441.jpgもう一つ... 犬飼いさんには分かるであろう、撮影で大変だったこと...。パーティー会場の食事... 全て本物!めっちゃいい匂い~のを、ケータリングサービスがどんどん運び出して... もちろん、アイラのだーい好きなお肉~の匂いもプンプン!や、やばい... って思って、撮影前に場慣らしさせてもらいました。最初は、カフェでと同様... テーブルに鼻を持ってって、クンクン~♪クンクン~♪だったけど、まあ、匂い嗅ぎは満足させて、でもあげないよ、って諦めさせました。アイラはとってもイヤシイですが、ある時点になると諦めるのでよかった... かなーりの誘惑でしたので、諦め悪かったら大変だったかも...。

Another thing that was difficult during the filming, was that real food from the catering service was used on set. i.e., delicious smell all over the place, including Islay's favourite MEAT!!! I guess dog owners would know what this means! Before filming, I walked her around the food area, and let her sniff all she wants, till she's satisfied, as well as let her know, you won't get it anyway. She gives up at a certain point, so managed to get her out of her drooling before the camera started rolling!



I should say that this whole filming thing was a good experience, and I really expected Islay to have even lesser scenes, so am so happy that she got to appear in several scenes! She appeared once again close to the end too!

Feel really privileged to do jobs with singers... starting with aiko, and now ZARD, and still another to come in July! Hope we will be blessed with more opportunities in the future!
by angeline | 2006-05-10 19:19 | ペットモデルPetsIn ShowBiz