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by angeline | 2007-02-24 02:11 | 自分で撮影した写真 PhotosByMe | Comments(16)

I went to have Islay's photo taken again, at the house studio I went last month.

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by angeline | 2007-02-23 20:49 | プロ撮影写真 PhotosBy Pros | Comments(15)

It'll be Spring soon, so I took some Spring atmosphere photos of Islay.

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by angeline | 2007-02-23 18:38 | 自分で撮影した写真 PhotosByMe | Comments(2)
雪遊びバスツアーの続き、その2 でーす!その1 をまだ見てない方はこちらをクリック!写真メインでお送りします!

Part 2 of the Snow Bust Tour! If you haven't read Part 1, then click here! Lots of photos!

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by angeline | 2007-02-22 17:52 | 旅行 Trips | Trackback(2) | Comments(13)
昨年のバスツアーの日記は、その1 はこちらをクリック、そして、その2 はこちらをクリック

Went for the Fun in the snow Bus Tour again this year!
As for last year's snow bus tour, Click here to see Part1 of the diary, and click here to see Part2!

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by angeline | 2007-02-21 16:45 | おすすめ情報Recommendation | Comments(12)


アイラと一緒の雪遊びバスツアーから戻りました。アイラは雪の中を駆けずり回っていましたー!アイラをまた雪遊びさせてあげられて、よかったー!写真がたまってる… のですが、なかなか時間がとれず、アップには少し時間がかかるかも?です。レスも、もうしばらくお待ちください!今もちと気持ち悪い(山のクネクネ道で車酔い… が抜けきれない…)のと、予定が何かと今月は多くて… 相変わらずのバタバタで遅遅でスミマセン!

Islay and I came back from the doggy bus tour to the snowy mountain in Gunma! Islay had so much fun in the snow! So many photos, and so little time... so please wait a little longer for the photos as well as reply to comments etc! So many things going on this month, so sorry for all the delay...
by angeline | 2007-02-18 23:58 | 思うこと書きなぐり Misc. | Comments(2)

The other day, I had Islay's photo taken by a professional photographer at a house studio. There were many lovely photos, so I shall show you some!

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by angeline | 2007-02-16 05:50 | プロ撮影写真 PhotosBy Pros | Comments(20)

You can find Islay in the Animal Pep free magazine, Feb issue, which you can get for free at selected pet shops and vets & other pet facilites etc! The next issure (March) of Animal Pep will have a feature on mixed dogs too, and Islay's photos will be in it again! So watch out for it!
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a0032004_15512877.jpg私は駅弁が好き。ついついデパートとかスーパーとかで駅弁イベントがあると、買っちゃったりします。そんな中、お気に入りなのが「ひっぱりだこ飯」。タコは嫌いなので食べないけど(意味無いって?)、私って基本的に炊き込みご飯好きなので、その炊き込みご飯の美味しさ加減で好みが!鯛の弁当もあるけど、私は鯛の匂いが得意じゃなくって苦手でしたが。(なら最初から鯛めし買うなって?だって、ほら、器が、かわいいし… って、また企業戦略にはまってる!?)

I like "Ekiben", the packet lunch you can buy in trains and stations. One of my favourite is the Octopus Bowl. I don't eat the Octopus... but the flavoured rice is real nice!

They have the Tai (fish) Bowl too, the container is cute but the rice was too fishy for my taste...

a0032004_15514971.jpgでね… 気付いてしまったのだ… ひっぱりだこ… 以前より小さくなっているではあーりませんかー!!!右の濃い目の色のが、もう何年も前に買った奴の器。でもって、左の薄めの色のが最近の。遠近法のせいではありません!本当に、ひとまわり、サイズが小さいー!!やっぱり不況なのか?


BUT!!! I bought the Octopus bowl again recently... and found out from comparing the container I kept from years ago, that it has become smaller! The darker brown container on the right, is of the Octopus bowl I bought years ago, and the lighter coloured one on the left is the recent one. See the difference?

Anyway, another of my favourite is the Hamaguri (clam) bowl, the container is very cute too!
by angeline | 2007-02-15 16:15 | グッズ Goods&Stuffs | Trackback(2) | Comments(2)